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Conflict Management and Personal Safety

Conflict Management and Personal Safety

Who is it aimed at?

This training course is a one day event and is one of the mandatory training sessions for Newly Qualified Social Workers in their First Year of Practice.

What are the objectives?

To provide Participants With:

  • Knowledge of the skills necessary to deal safely and effectively with confrontational situations in the workplace. Through dynamic risk assessment Social Workers will learn how and when it is safe to take control of confrontational situations
  • Information and examples of a host of skills and strategies to deal effectively and safely with confrontation
  • Opportunities to develop their knowledge through a combination of theory and practical participation. The training aims to provide Social Workers with the opportunity to discuss and explore issues in a safe learning environment

How will it make a difference?

Newly Qualified Social Workers will have a greater understanding of the context for social work practice. They will have the knowledge to develop skills and strategies for managing conflict in practice. It will enable Social Workers to focus on personal well-being and personal safety.

Delivery method:



1 Day


No Charge

How to apply:

If you work for Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) and are logged into a CCC device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, complete this application form.

If you work for the Council but do NOT have access to a CCC device or an email address your line manager will need to apply on your behalf.

Council employees cannot apply for any courses from their own personal device.

Partners, agency staff or people who do not work for the Council cannot apply for this course.

The online application system will only show courses that are actively open to book a place on. If the course you are interested in isn’t listed you can register an interest with the Learning and Development team, email: <span class="word-break-mobile">learninganddevelopment@carmarthenshire.gov.uk</span>.

Find out more information on how to make and manage your application. If you need any assistance or have a query please email the Learning & Development Team.

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