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Approved Suppliers

We have a number of corporate contracts or frameworks, these arrangements have been put in place usually for goods or services that are used widely across the Council. They exist to enable us to purchase items efficiently and effectively and help ensure consistency of quality, certainty of supply and offer savings through economies of scale. You must utilise these arrangements if they meet your need.

  • All contact must be made through the Lead Officer. Under no circumstances must officers contact suppliers directly, with the exception of the direct placing of orders and progressing of orders on Office Supplies and IT Consumables.
  • Please contact the contract / framework lead officer for instructions on how to place an order.
  • Contract arrangements and pricing issues will be the responsibility of the Lead Officer.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to any department specific process, if necessary

If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact the Corporate Procurement Unit (CPU) team.

This list contains details of the majority of corporate contracts in place but it is not exhaustive. Please contact CPU for details of other contracts which may satisfy your requirements.


British Telecommunications (BT Group)


Lead Officer:

Justin Williams

Start date: 01/10/2020 End date: 30/09/2023
Potential Extension Period (Months): 24

There is a corporate contract in place.

Please contact Rob Young the Contract Manager for further details on how to use the arrangement.

The Council is currently in the process of tendering for this arrangement. In the interim, please contact Ray Symes.

Lot Details:

Lot 1 Housing Works up to £2,500 (South)

Lot 2 Housing Works up to £2,500 (North)

Lot 3 Housing Works £2,500 to £25,000

Lot 4 Housing Works £25,000 and over

Lot 5 Non-Housing Works up to £5,000

Lot 6 Non-Housing Works £5,000-150,000

Lot 7 Non-Housing Works £150-350,000

Lot 8 Non-Housing Mechanical Works

Lot 9 Non-Housing Electrical Works



For further information regarding this Framework and suppliers please contact Emyr Phillips on 01267 225854


Lead Officer:

Emyr Phillips


Start date: 01/08/2019 End date: 31/07/2022
Potential Extension Period (Months): 12


Toppers Wales Ltd

For further information regarding suppliers please contact Ray Symes on 01554 784101

Service, repair, maintenance and installation of heating and hot water systems, cold water systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the County Council’s domestic properties. 

Lot Details

Lot 1 – Servicing (and responsive remedial works up to £250)

Lot 2 – Planned remedial works for Gas Boilers

Lot 3 – Planned remedial works for Oil Boilers

Lot 4 – Planned remedial works for Solid Fuel Boilers

For further information regarding this Framework and suppliers please contact Emyr Phillips on 01267 225854


Lead Officer: Emyr Phillips


Start date: 04/09/2018

End date: 03/09/2021

Potential Extension Period (Months): 12

For further information regarding suppliers please contact Eddie Cummings on 01267 246180


Lead Officer:

Eddie Cummings

Since July 2010 the Authority has enforced a moratorium on purchasing any new office furniture. If furniture is required, please contact Paul Gregory in the first instance to establish what there is held in store across the Authority that would suit your needs.

Stored items are to be used, rather than purchasing ad hoc furniture.

Any items that have to be purchased will need to be compatible for integration with the furniture that will be provided in the future in creating the agile working environment being provided by the agile working program.

The following items are not to be purchased as there are a number in stock or are not compatible with the agile work space ideal.

  • Pedestal units (Locker units will be provided as agile team rooms are established).
  • Book cases
  • Filing cabinets
  • Metal cupboards
  • Desk dividers or freestanding screens

Any spend on office furniture will be closely monitored.

For any further information on non-office furniture, please contact Julian Lewis in the Corporate Procurement Unit on 01267 246242


Replacement Chairs

The G64R Task Chair (The Standard Chair)


The Orangebox G64R Task Chair with handles has been selected as the standard VDU operator chair across the authority in its Corporate Buildings. It will be referred to as the Standard Chair.

These chairs have already been installed in the new Touch Down Rooms and the Standard Chair will be provided when other rooms are fitted out to support the agile working program across the authority.

Occupational Health have confirmed the Standard Chair meets the needs of an adjustable chair and exceeds what is generally provided across the estate now. The standard chair will meet the majority of people’s needs when properly adjusted for the individual.

Referrals will still be made in the current way to Occupational Health for those who need work place assessments.

These chairs are tested to BS EN 5459:2000 for strength and stability and come with a 5 year fair wear and tear guarantee.

The choice of colours to be selected are from the “Extreme” fabric range and can be either a black (Padang) seat with a black (Padang) or blue (Ocean) back.

Green will be retained for the Touchdown rooms.



Ordering new operator chairs

Anyone requiring a new replacement chair is to purchase a Standard Chair from Ministry of Furniture.

The cost of one chair is £159.00

Chairs will be delivered in batches to avoid delivery costs.

Orders can be sent to the sales team at:




01639 812382.


Ministry of Furniture

Ministry House,

Brunel Park,

Brunel Way,

Baglan Energy Park,


SA11 2FP


Fax: 01639 812 597

Web: www.ministryoffurniture.com


Further Information:

Chair Brochure

How to adjust the Standard Chair



Ministry of Furniture

Tel: +44 (0) 639 812 382
E-mail: sales@ministryoffurniture.com


Lead Officer:

For any further information, please contact Julian Lewis in the Corporate Procurement Unit on 01267 246242.


Centerprise International


For further information regarding suppliers please contact Matthew Jenkins on 01267 246333 or IT Procurement Team on 01267 246299


Stone Computers (www.stonegroup.co.uk)


For ICT Peripherals, all Departmental BSU's have access to the ordering portal and the Account Management team for Carmarthenshire and they will be able to process these orders for direct delivery to your business address.



For further information regarding suppliers please contact Matthew Jenkins on 01267 246333


Lead Officer:

Matthew Jenkins

Lot Details:

Lyreco have been awarded the Office Supplies & Stationery Contract which was undertaken by the National Procurement Service (NPS).

Please be advised that a 12-month extension has been agreed with Lyreco for the final year of the stationery framework, up to January 2021.

The pricing for 2020 has also now been finalised. Please find below a copy of the latest price list which came into effect from the 1st January 2020.

The items included on the Price List are all Core items.

The Authority has agreed to implement a minimum order value of £10 as this best practice initiative supports the goals of the Well Being of Future Generations Act and decarbonisation initiatives.

Lyreco have arranged for us to have access to their online Webshop. This will allow you to view current product information and check stock availability before placing your order.

You will need to enter the following login details to access the Webshop:

  • Login: VIEW-ONLY
  • Password: CARMARTHEN

Visit the Lyreco Webshop

Diaries are now in stock and available to order from Lyreco. Please note that diaries will only be available to order for a short period (approx. 4 weeks) so please ensure orders are placed ASAP.

Once diaries are out of stock Lyreco and NPS will remove them from the catalogue.

Diaries and Planners 2020

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me - Julian Lewis (Principal Procurement Officer) on 01267 24 (6242) or alternatively you can contact Milena Thomas (Lyreco Account Manager) on 07970 649175 / Customer Services 0845 075 5544.


Lyreco Price List from 1st January 2020

Diaries and Planners 2020




Lead Officer:

Julian Lewis

For further information regarding this Framework and suppliers please contact Nigel Fox on 01267 228852


Lead Officer:

Nigel Fox


Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd

For further information regarding suppliers please contact Matthew Jenkins on 01267 246333


Lead Officer:

Matthew Jenkins

For further information regarding suppliers please contact Adrian Harries at 01267 228152


Lead Officer:

Adrian Harries

Start date: 01/04/2017 End date: 31/03/2020
Potential Extension Period (Months): 12

Lot Details:

Lots available for Carmarthenshire Officers:

  • Lot 1b Very Small - Carmarthenshire (up to £200,000)
  • Lot 2a Small - Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire & Ceredigion (£200,000 - £1,500,000)
  • Lot 3 Medium (£1,500,000 - £5,000,000)
  • Lot 4 Large (£5,000,000 and over)
  • Lot 5 Demolition
  • Lot 6 Public Lighting
  • Lot 7 Lining and Road Marking
  • Lot 8b Surfacing - Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire & Ceredigion 
  • Lot 9 Ground Investigation
  • Lot 10 Marine Works excluding Coastal



For further information regarding suppliers please contact Adrian Harries on 01267 228152


Lead Officer:

Adrian Harries

Start date: 09/01/2019 End date: 08/01/2022
Potential Extension Period (Months): 12

Lots available to CCC officers:

Lot 1a West £0 - £750,000

Lot 2a West £750,000 to £1,500,000

Lot 3a West £1,500,000 to £5,000,000

Lot 4a West £5,000,000 to £9,000,000

Lot 5 £9,000,000 to £15,000,000

Lot 6 £15,000,000+



For further information regarding this Framework and suppliers please contact Andrew Shaw on 01267 228196 or Helen Beddow on 01267 228244


Lead Officer:

Andrew Shaw / Helen Beddow

Start date: 01/02/2020 End date: 31/01/2024
Potential Extension Period (Months): n/a

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