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OneDrive and Known Folder Move

What is Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive is part of the Office 365 suite of products, it provides online and offline storage for work related documents and should not be used for storage of non-work related files. It is a storage area that only you have access to and has replaced your U: Drive (Home Folder).

 OneDrive's Functions:

  • Work Flexibly – Whilst traditionally U drive documents were only able to be accessed on your desktop/laptop, OneDrive data can be accessed from any corporate device, meaning if you have a corporate Apple or Android mobile device or tablet, you can view and work on your documents on the go.
  • Collaborate – You will are able to share and collaborate on documents with users directly from your OneDrive account. Where traditionally you would have had to move the file to a shared folder on the Council File Plan or e-mail to a colleague.
  • Keep Your Data Safe –Any Microsoft documents saved in OneDrive have autosave and version history enabled, meaning you don't have to worry about manually saving a document and you can restore from multiple versions at your convenience.

What is Known Folder Move?

Known Folder Move enables your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders on your device to be synced with Onedrive and is accessible from any corporate (or BYOD) device you have access to.

Further guidance can be found here.

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