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Mobile Phones

The benefits of work mobile phones 

Our aim is to ensure that every staff member within the department has access to a mobile devise at work. 

Here is a list of just some of the benefits:

  • Instant access to Resourcelink/MyView - Here you can view payslips, enter leave requests &  enter timesheets for additional hours worked 
  • Instant access to Intranet - Keep up with our latest news, take a look at our CEX Health & Wellbeing channel 
  • Instant access to Internet
  • Instant access to Staff Rewards
  • Use of Outlook - set up your own work email account 
  • Use of Microsoft Teams - Instant communication with your team 
  • Time efficient - save time by not having to log back on, work from phone!
  • Able to log, access and report jobs (where relevant) 
  • Reduce Paper!

Our departmental rep's are:

  • Place & Sustainability: Kerry Latham
  • Transport & Highways: Zoe Hughes
  • Waste & Environmental: Zoe Hughes
  • Property: Kerry Latham
  • Cleaning Services & Business Support: Kim Butler & Philip J Bowen

The reps will assist you with:

  • Ordering new/replacement/upgrades of mobile phones, tablets and SIMs.
  • Update phone user details.
  • Report lost phones.

Please do not contact the rep’s using their individual email add, please always use ENVMobilePhones@carmarthenshire.gov.uk for any mobile device related enquiries.

Keeping phone user details updated:
If you reallocate a phone to a new staff member, please advise your rep of the new handset user (staff name) by emailing ENVMobilePhones@carmarthenshire.gov.uk with the mobile number and staff name now using the handset. It is important we have an up-to-date record.

We have a new order form for all requests which must be completed by the relevant line manager and submitted to: ENVMobilePhones@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

This email address is noted on the order form.

It is important all fields are completed.

Once submitted, your Head of Service will be required to authorise the order electronically. 

You will be informed when your phone is ready for collection.

You can view guides at the bottom of this page on how to set up your mobile phone.

All smart phone contracts are allocated 2GB of data initially.

Order form

All smart phone contracts are allocated 2gb of data initially.
We will be monitoring contracts monthly to ensure all contracts are relevant to the data usage required by the service/staff member to avoid the additional £50 fee if staff exceed their data allowance.
We will discuss any changes to contracts with the line manager to ensure the data is required for work purposes. 

We ask staff to ensure:

  • They monitor their usage
  • They turn mobile data off when it isn’t required
  • They connect to their home wifi and work wifi to avoid using mobile data in these locations.

Data can be used when no wifi available to:

  • Allow emails to come through
  • Use Teams
  • Connect to CFP and all other CCC software
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Maps app

To prevent app updates and email downloads occurring when out of wifi, you can turn off mobile data. However we are aware in certain roles mobile data is vital.
Any staff member that exceeds their mobile data usage will incur a £50 charge monthly.

IT have a dedicated intranet page for Mobile Devices should you need any further information. 

Full charges for mobile phone plans can be found on IT's intranet page for Mobile Phones
Should you wish to amend your data  allowance please seek authorisation from your budget manager and forward to ShRees@carmarthenshire.gov.uk



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