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How you can help

Here’s just some suggestions of little things you can do to help. If you have any further ideas that you’d like to share with colleagues please let us know on the 'Share your ideas' page

  • Find out what your carbon footprint looks like by using the WWF Carbon Footprint calculator
  • Recycling – ensure your plastic waste, cans etc are washed out and placed in the correct recycling bins. Find out what you can recycle on our A-Z of recycling list
  • Food production and waste is one of the highest emitters of carbon. Get creative with your leftovers and find some great recipes on the LoveFoodHateWaste website
  • Try and purchase food and products as locally as possible. Find out more about some of our great local businesses on our 100% Sir Gâr webpage
  • Make sure you turn off computer equipment such as screens and docking stations from standby.
  • Try and swap a car journey for walking or cycling if possible. This is not only good for carbon emissions and air quality but also for your health and wellbeing.
  • Use less water: It takes energy and resources to process and deliver water to our homes. And it’s also quite energy-intensive to heat it once it’s there. So, by using less, you can help the environment and lower your carbon footprint. Try turning off the taps when brushing your teeth, having short showers rather than baths, and only boiling the water you need for a cuppa. By using all the water you need, but being careful not to waste it, you can really help make a big difference. Visit dwrcymru.com/SaveWater to find out more ways to save water.
  • Since Covid, we have all been working from home and working remotely. Continuing to use video conferencing such as Microsoft Teams for meetings instead of travelling can reduce your waste and emissions. Also not printing documents where possible. There’s help and support available to you if you want to know more about using Microsoft Teams
  • Use a reusable cup when you next grab a takeaway coffee to reduce the amount of single use cups that go to landfill. Also use reusable bags when you do your shopping to reduce the need for plastic bags.

Page updated: 27/06/2022 10:53:24