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We prohibit smoking and the use of E-cigarettes in all enclosed and substantially enclosed workplaces and premises owned or occupied by us, premises used to provide any services or activities, in all enclosed and substantially enclosed vehicles used for work purposes and within the grounds of all our premises.

The only exemptions would be:

  • within designated smoking rooms or external smoking areas in adult residential care and respite homes, and designated external smoking areas will be permitted in social care establishments providing day care services to the elderly or vulnerable,
  • Within flats and domiciliary areas of Sheltered Housing and Council Housing Premises – ALL communal and external areas of these premises fall within the scope of the policy.

We encourage employees, members and service users to stop smoking, and provide practical help and support via our Occupational Health Centre and the Stop Smoking Wales Service (0800 085 2219).

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to smoking breaks?
If you wish to smoke you may only do so in your own time. You can do so either in official breaks or when you clock out or via the flexitime scheme. Managers should ensure that this practice does not adversely affect service delivery, and that you cooperate with them towards this objective.

Does the Smoke Free (Workplaces and Premises) Policy apply to homeworking?
The smoke free laws don’t apply to domestic premises. However, where a room at your home is used solely for work purposes the room will be required to be smoke free.

All of you must comply with our policies & procedures whilst at work, including when you work at home. If you smoke whilst working at home, you must ensure that you don’t expose colleagues & others to second hand smoke.  This could be achieved by ensuring the areas of your home to be occupied by visitors are smoke free at least 1 hour prior to the their arrival, and that this area is adequately ventilated.

Should I include information on the Smoke Free (Workplaces and Premises) Policy when recruiting staff?
Job advertisements, information provided to prospective applicants & induction sessions for new employees (e.g. corporate welcome, site specific induction and fire safety briefings) will include reference to the Smoke Free Policy. Advertisements shall state that “the County Council operates a smoke free policy”.

All new employees will be reminded of the requirements of the smoke free policy, and be required to abide by it.

Do I need to display signage at my premises?
Signage must be displayed at all entrances to premises, at entrances to the grounds of premises and in all work vehicles.

Am I required to provide facilities for smokers?
We will not provide facilities for smokers other than in those premises exempt from the policy (see guidance note 1 - Providing a Designated Smoking Room in Residential and Respite Care Premises & 3 - Non-Residential Social Care Premises in the full policy and guidance for further information).

Who is responsible for enforcing the Smoke Free (Workplaces and Premises) Policy?
The success of this smoke-free policy depends upon the consideration and cooperation of all you and your managers, and anyone else affected by it.

Failure by an employee to comply with this policy may result in the implementation of the Council’s disciplinary policy & procedures.

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