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Managing and Working in a Hybrid Team

With the introduction of the Better Ways of Working many of us will be working in different ways. Some teams will be working in a ‘hybrid’ way, which will mean that they are in the workplace some of the time and working at home or close to home at other times.

Working in this way will bring our skills into sharper focus, and we may need to use them in different ways.

These pages have been designed to bring together resources to support you to develop these skills. Some of the resources have been designed specifically to support people working in a remote way, but many will give you the opportunity to think about how to adapt skills that were already important.

If you have any feedback about the modules in here, or would like some more information, please contact the Learning & Development Team.

Managing a Remote Team: A short video to help you to avoid being “remote” as a remote manager. Tips that offer an immediate impact when managing a remote team.

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