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Quotations up to £75,000

Once you’ve read the step by step guide and estimated the value of your exercise is below £75,000 and you have checked that there is no suitable contract or framework already set up and explored the option of collaboration.

Please select the value of your exercise below to follow the correct procurement pathway…

***For purchases below £25,000 officers are requested to ‘Think Carmarthenshire First’ when seeking quotations for the purchase of Goods/Services which are not covered by the arrangements mentioned above. Please therefore, explore the market place to establish if there are any businesses within Carmarthenshire that can provide the goods / service that you are seeking to purchase and include them in your invites to quote.***

Value up to £5,000

Whilst you might think that below £5,000 is a relatively small amount of money, it is public money and you still need to ensure you are getting value for money. It is also worth noting that these small transactions all add up and to the smaller SME’s these quotations may be the most attractive to them and the ones they seek to be made aware of.

  • You should be satisfied that best value for money has been obtained, and that reasonable care has been taken to obtain goods or services of adequate quality at a competitive price.
  • Make sure you have the necessary approvals or authorisation to make your purchase.
  • Confirmation of value for money should be retained on file (your reasoning’s as to why it is value for money).

Value £5,000 - £25,000

  • A minimum of 3 quotations should be sought from competitive sources and confirmed in writing.
  • A documented record of the evaluation and decision to award must be recorded. You need to include your reasoning’s as to why the preferred supplier is best value for money.

Value £25,000 - £75,000

All quotations above £25,000 must be advertised on the Sell2Wales website. A member of the CPU team will assist in this process.

  • The quotations must be based on the same specification, evaluation criteria and closing date.
  • The quotations must be returned electronically via a secure email facility or an e-tender solution (for example the Sell2Wales Postbox). Alternatively a hard copy must be addressed to the Lead Officer in a plain sealed envelope endorsed only with the word ‘Quotation’, followed by the subject and closing date.
  • Documented records of the process, including the evaluation of quotations, must be kept.
  • Where only one quotation is received the decision to proceed to purchase must be approved by the relevant departments Head of Service.

To help you with this process a Quotation Document template (.doc) has been devised.

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