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Staff Driver Training

The environment department organisational training team are able to provide the following:

  • Driver Assessment for all vehicles
  • Driver familiarisation training for speciality vehicles (such as 4x4 trucks and electric cars)
  • Licence Acquisition training for lorries and minibuses
  • Post traffic accident extended assessments
  • Other wheeled machinery such as forklifts etc


  • New staff requiring driver assessment to drive certain county vehicles, staff who have just passed their driving tests and re-assessment for staff (if required, see below).
  • Staff whose manager requests assessment (such as post-accident/incident/complaint from public).
  • Staff whose licences do not allow them to drive certain vehicles (that their services utilised).
  • Staff who require to be more familiar with certain vehicles (such as 4x4 cars/trucks and electric cars).

There is a mandatory requirement for staff to receive familiarisation training for the 4x4 and electric cars but managers must conduct driving licence checks prior to allowing their staff to take out pool cars for first time.

Drivers that use vans/pickups and vehicles 3.5 Tonnes and above should be assessed.

Staff can only drive the vehicles that their driving licence allows (e.g. B category licence holders can drive vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes). To add other categories staff must pass a DVSA practical test (and also the theory tests for certain categories).

Standard assessment takes up to 1 hour for most vehicles, extended assessments can be 2 hours to 3 days depending on manager's requirements.

Electric car training is 45 -60 minutes.

4x4 off road training is 90 minutes.

Minibuses, large vans and small lorries (up to 7.5T) licence acquisition is a minimum of 1.5 days training and testing per candidate.

Larger buses and lorries is a minumum 2.5 days training and testing per candidate.

Forklifts and other wheeled plant/machienery training durations are dpeendant on prior operator experience. Please contact us for more information.

For bookings or to make further enquiries contact:

Ryan Robinson

01267 228119


Iwan Richards

01267 228120



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