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Hiring a vehicle

We have contracts with suppliers for vehicles or plant hire on a short term or long term basis. A full range of vehicles is available and include cars and more specialist vehicles to suit most operational requirements.  

Before hiring a vehicle all other options such as the use of an existing vehicle must have been explored.

  • All applications for hire must be requested 2 working days before the commencement of hire.
  • All applications must be submitted by email to ENVBSUFleet@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
  • Hire/pool vehicles must only be used in the pursuance of Authority business

If you need to hire a vehicle you must complete a request form.

Any hire order must be authorised by a designated signatory with the responsibility for the hire of transport by the manager/ budget holder of that section.

Drivers must familiarise themselves with the vehicle and controls before driving - if in doubt ask.

For operational vehicles, you must comply with the Authority’s Fleet Road Risk Policy  (Appendices: Driver Licence Checks Flowchart)

All users of vehicles have the following statutory responsibilities:

  1. Before use checks: All drivers are to ensure that the vehicles provided for the period of hire are checked for defects. The vehicle check will include tyres, fluid levels, bodywork condition, vehicle cleanliness and fuel state (full). Any faults identified at this check must be reported to 01554 784138 immediately. The driver is responsible for compliance with the law.
  2. During use: Should any fixed penalty notices for motoring offences be received during the period of hire these are to be reported to 01554 784140.
  3. After use checks: At the termination of hire, the user is to ensure the vehicle is refuelled, cleaned out with any faults reported to 01554 784138.

Defect reports and vehicle check sheets:

All defects are to be reported in accordance with Authority procedures.
To facilitate reporting, a defect report book will be issued to all vehicle booking officers.
Vehicle users are to complete the defect report when conducting before use checks.

Reports of defects are to be reported immediately to 01554 784138.


Vehicles are to be driven responsibly and in accordance with the law at all times.

Any misuse of the hired vehicle/plant is covered by the formal disciplinary procedure.

Insurance cover does not extend to personal/private use.

Applications for the use of hire vehicles must clearly identify the commencement and completion of hire periods.

If a hire period has to be extended you must call 01554 784145 as the vehicle may be reserved for the next user.

During normal working hours contact the Fleet Hire Section on 01554 784138.

For out of hours’ assistance, contact the hire company whose details are provided in each vehicle and can be found on the rear of the tax disc holder or in the vehicle glove box.

Ensure that you have all the relevant information including the tyre size, if you have a puncture or tyre issue.

The Fleet Hire Section are also to be notified as soon afterwards as is practicable.


If you are involved in an incident / accident even if there is no damage ensure that the following information is obtained:

  • Date, Time, Place (make a quick sketch of the area / road) weather conditions
  • Other parties details, Name, Address / Company, Contact Telephone Number
  • Registration of vehicles involved, Lights shown etc

Do not make comment on liability.

Ensure that any incident/accident is reported to the Fleet Hire Section on 01554 784138.

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident where there is damage to property or injury to a person, the matter must be reported to the police.

When the vehicle/plant hire is complete, the Fleet Hire Section are to be notified immediately.

The vehicle/plant to be returned to the Fleet Hire Section or agreed location in the same condition as it was received.

Ensure the fuel tank is full for return.

General Enquiries: (01554) 784138.

Faults/defects: (01554) 784138.

Motoring Offences: (01554) 784140.

Extending hire car period: (01554) 784145.

Out of Office Hours Breakdown: Contact Technicians on 07721 605917/07976 463579/07818 511712.



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