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Staff Pool Bike Scheme

The Staff Pool Bike Scheme is a pilot scheme, currently only open to staff working at Parc Myrddin. This scheme will be administered by Business Support (located at the top floor of block 1).

Many staff have to travel between sites and other local areas during their work day, so to help you get the most out of your day we have introduced a pool bike scheme to speed you to your meetings with minimal effort and fuss.

Pool bikes can be offered to employees for any kind of work journey, such as local meetings, travel between sites and visiting clients.

There are nine hybrid-style bikes that can accommodate you whatever your size, clothing or fitness.

We guarantee there is no quicker way to travel journeys under 4 miles round the town.

In order to access the pool bikes, you will need to:

  • Undertake an induction (performed by Iwan Richards)
  • Complete the relevant forms during your induction

Once you have registered you will need to:

  • Book a Pool Bike via Outlook
  • Check the Pool Bike & accessories in and out by signing the Checking In and Out Form (held in the Pool Bike Folder in block 7)

Please note you may only use the Pool Bikes during the working day (7am – 6.30pm) for work activities only, and you must return the Pool Bike on the same day in which you checked it out.

Please read through the notes below which explains the process in more detail.

As a new user, you must complete a short induction session, carried out by Iwan Richards, which ensures that you are confident with how the Pool Bike Scheme works, how to use the equipment (such as adjusting the bike seat and using the lock), and our surroundings.

The assessment is there to give you the confidence to use the pool bikes and to get familiar with the bikes and the surroundings.

Please email Kelly Thomas to request a cycling induction, following completion of the induction and the relevant forms you will then be able to book and use a pool bike at your convenience.

You have a choice of nine hybrid bikes ranging from Extra Small to Large Frames.

The hybrid bikes incorporates elements of both mountain bikes and road bikes. Hybrids have large narrower tyres and smaller tread than comfort bikes meaning it is easier for riders to go faster and further. Frames are lighter then those of comfort bikes and riding position is more comparable to that of mountain bikes.

The range of bikes available are as follows:

Bike 1 – step through extra small
Bike 2 – step through small
Bike 3 – step through small
Bike 4 – cross bar small
Bike 5 - cross bar medium
Bike 6 - cross bar medium
Bike 7 - cross bar medium
Bike 8 - cross bar large
Bike 9 - cross bar large

You will be able to determine the most suitable bike/s for you during your induction.

Once you have booked a bike via Outlook calendar, you will need to collect your keys to access block 7 from the Business Support Office (located at top floor of block 1). You will also need to sign the pool bike and accessories in and out each time you use it. The accessories supplied with the bike are enclosed in a cycle bag located in the equipment cupboard. The contents include a cycle lock, hairnet, helmet, high visibility tabard, lights and trouser clips.

Forms are displayed in Block 7 by the pool bikes notice board.

Checking Out Box: By signing the Checking Out Box you are confirming that you have received the bicycle and accessories (a cycle lock, lights, a helmet, high visibility tabard, trouser clips) in good condition.

Checking In Box: By signing the Checking In Box you are confirming that you have returned the cycle and accessories (a cycle lock, lights, a helmet, high visibility tabard, trouser clips) in good condition.

Please note you may only use the Pool Bikes during the working day (7am – 7pm) for work activities and must return the Pool Bike on the same day in which you checked it out.

You must complete a cycling induction prior to use of the pool bike scheme.

You will be required to inform Business Support (located at top floor of block 1) of any damage caused to the bike or if any defects become apparent during your use of the pool bike. The pool bikes will be regularly service, however, all users must also check for themselves that the cycles are in good working order before taking them out.

In particular the following should be checked:

  • Brakes are properly fitted and working
  • Seat and handle bars are securely fixed
  • Tyres are suitably inflated - there is a cycle pump in the locker
  • Wheels are secure in the frame
  • Lights are working (if likely to be needed)
  • Bell is working
  • There is a cycle lock

Users must not take out cycles that are broken, damaged or defective, or where the lock is missing. Please report punctures, loose nuts/bolts or mechanical problems to Business Support (located at top floor of block 1) when you collect/return the keys.

If you encounter an accident with another vehicle and/or in need of medical attention ring 999.

If you encounter a bike breakdown/repair issue please push the bike back to Parc Myrddin and notify the Business Support Office (located at top floor of block 1) when you return the keys. However, if you are unable to get the bike back to Parc Myrddin, secure the bike with the lock and walk back to the office to inform the business support team, who will recover the bike as soon as possible.

Each locker contains a helmet, high visibility tabard, cycle lights (for use at when it is dark).

You must only use the bike for work related travel, and you must wear a helmet and high visibility tabard as these are obligatory.

The authority has taken all necessary steps to ensure the security and safety of the cyclist and the pool bikes.

When using a pool bicycle:

  • Always lock the cycle to an immovable solid object in a prominent place when left unattended. A cycle lock is provided for use with each pool cycle.
  • When the cycle is left unattended please ensure you take all cycle accessories with you.
  • Exercise good road safety sense when using the cycle.

Provided these precautions have been taken, staff are not expected to be personally liable for replacement of the cycle or components should the cycle be stolen or damaged during the period booked. Staff are not expected to remove the quick release saddles.

Please note that you will not be able to claim cycle mileage while using the Pool Bike.

Recommended routes can be found on GeoDiscoverer.

Press + to add the layer.
Select your chosen language by clicking +, then scroll to travel, roads and parking and press +.
You will then see Pool Bike Scheme Cycle Rides.
This will then enable you to view the suggested routes available for pool bikes.

You can 'relive' our recommended route from Parc Myrddin to Cillefwr.


Once your induction is complete, you will be aware of which size bike is required and the bike number/s. You may then book a pool bike using the relevant Outlook calendar.

  • From your Outlook calendar go to ‘open calendar’ on the top menu
  • Select from ‘address book’ and type ‘pool vehicle parc myrddin bicycle’ into the search bar
  • Select the required bike(s) - these will now appear in your calendar list and you can view it when it has been booked
  • To book the bike, select the date and time from your calendar and create a meeting invite and send it to the bike of your choice

Please note: all bikes seats are adjustable so don't worry if your size is not available

Simply collect the locker key from the Business Support Office (located at top floor of block 1) and return the key to the same location when you are done.

Changes in how employees travel during the working day can save time and money for them and as well bringing social, environmental and health benefits. Increased levels of physical activity can promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for employees.

  • Saving time and money on work journeys
  • Encouraging more employees to try active commuting
  • Presenting a positive public image
  • Improving staff travel options and morale
  • Improving fitness levels of staff
  • Relieving car parking problems

One of the greatest assets of cycling is the speed and convenience with which short journeys can be made. Even when cycling at a moderate pace a journey of three miles can be made in an average of just 30 minutes, depending on the local terrain and the individual. Pool bikes allow employees to go from door to door with the maximum efficiency, without having to find parking for a car, sit in a traffic jam, or walk to and wait for public transport.
For many employees and employers, time is an expensive commodity and the value of time saving should not be underestimated.

Enjoy your surroundings

On two wheels and moving at a comfortable pace you can enjoy your environment and see, smell and hear things you never notice in a car. On a bicycle you can take the scenic route and explore and become a tourist in your own city. Every ride is an adventure.
You never get stuck in traffic and always have a great parking spot
Choosing a pool bike to make your short journey will allow you to cruise past long lines of vehicles held up at red lights (be sure to watch carefully for right-turning traffic who might not see you). You feel the breeze and enjoy the sights off the roadside. Not to mention that you always get a great parking spot and often even beat your coworkers who drive to work meetings/visits etc.

Health & Well-being benefits

Cycling burns calories, gets your heart pumping and works your legs and abs. It can also lift your mood, put a smile on your face and improve your general health and wellbeing.
By swapping short car journeys with cycling or walking, you can easily build exercise into your day and reap the health benefits.
Cycling is an excellent means of promoting the habitual, everyday physical activity we all need to remain healthy. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of
heart disease, strokes and diabetes, reduce stress and lead to fewer absences due to ill health.

Organisational Benefits

Direct financial benefits associated with the use of pool bikes include direct savings on business mileage for personal cars and costs associated with running company cars.
Indirect savings potentially may be made, for instance, where the use of pool bikes makes car-parking spaces redundant; up to ten bikes can be securely stored in the one car parking space.

Running a bike pool demonstrates commitment to positive social and environmental management.

Environmental benefits

The environmental benefit of reducing the use of motor vehicles is increasingly recognised. By cycling, employees will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to improvements in air quality, reduce congestion and improve
their local environment by reducing the amount of space
needed for car parking.

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