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Raising a debtors invoice

If you need to raise an invoice (sundry debtor invoices) to be sent to be sent to a customer for services provided by or charges payable to Carmarthenshire County Council please complete our online form. This form is for external use only. If you are billing internally, please contact your accountancy section.

All sections of the form must be completed in full or your invoice will not be produced. Some of the information you provide will be included on the invoice.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your department and name
  • Your budget manager
  • The customer’s name and address including post code
  • Contact name and number to be included on the invoice
  • Order number from customer and your department reference (if available)
  • Reason for each item on the invoice. Provide sufficient detail to make the reason for the invoice clear to the customer.
  • Financial codes. Account code = 4 numbers, Cost Centre = 4 numbers, Job code (only if necessary) = 6 numbers, Service code = 3 numbers
  • VAT code (see information below)
  • Date the service was provided.
  • Total value of all items. Do not Include VAT.
  • Total value of VAT only
  • Total invoice value including VAT

You can request a copy of the invoice for your records, you can also request that the invoice is returned to you before posting to the customer.

After submitting the form you will receive an automated confirmation email stating the request has been sent to the Sundry Debtors section for processing. When your request has been processed you will receive e-mail confirmation of the details you submitted including when these were processed.

VAT indicators

VAT Indicators are to be used on all invoice requests. You must include one VAT indicator for every item invoiced 

Code Type of VAT Indicator
S 20% Standard Rate VAT
N 0% VAT, Non Business Activities
X Exempt from VAT
IR Inclusive of 5% VAT on Fuel
IS Inclusive of Standard Rate VAT
RE Electricity Charges Exclusive of VAT
Z Zero Rated

Do's & Don'ts

  • Do comply with the Authority's policy by making sure the form is completed and submitted to the Sundry Debtors section within 7 days of the service being provided to the customer / the charge being incurred, etc.
  • Do provide a narrative that is clear and in sufficient detail to inform the customer of the reason for the invoice
  • Do include a valid income code in order to raise the invoice.
  • Do make sure that all invoices are supported by official records held within your department and are provable in the event of a dispute or payment not being received by the Authority and legal action being taken.
  • Don't use the invoice request form to reclaim funds or payments from other Carmarthenshire County Council departments.
  • Don't submit forms which are incomplete or inaccurate as they will be returned and an invoice will not be raised.
  • Don't show VAT inclusive prices. All prices and charges must be shown exclusive of VAT. But DO ensure the correct VAT indicator is included and the amount of VAT is shown separately. 

Cancelling a request to raise a debtors invoice

If you need to cancel your request please complete a cancellation request form (.doc) in full and returned by e-mail to FI Sundry Debtors.  Please ensure that the e-mail is copied to your Budget Manager for authorisation.  

Any requests not copied to your Budget Manager will not be actioned. Budget Managers are not required to respond unless there are any queries or issues.

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