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Virtual Health & Wellbeing Fayre Session Recordings 2022

The Health & Wellbeing Team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Health and Wellbeing Fayre in January through early February. We had over fifteen sessions on a variety of different subjects associated with Mental Health and Wellbeing.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding your experience - please click here.

The sessions that were recorded have been put into the timetable below. If you or your team would like a copy, please choose a session and email health&wellbeing@carmarthenshire.gov.uk for the link.





Air Quality and Wellbeing

Lisa Jones

30 mins

Join Lisa Jones as she goes through the importance of using green travel and the effect pollution has on our wellbeing.

Mental Health First Aiders

Erin Mason-George

30 mins

Join our Mental Health First Aiders to gain insight into the training and the role of qualified mental health first aider. Join the conversation to see how you can become a MHFA.

Let’s Talk Menopause

Gillian Grennan-Jenkins.

45 mins

Join Gillian, one of our Health and Wellbeing Champions, for an open discussion on the menopause. Join in to share your experiences and knowledge, or to ask questions and find out more about the topic, as we look to normalise these discussions in the workplace. The session is open to everyone.

West Wales Action against Mental Health

Tim Teeling

30 mins

Refreshing the basics of care in mental health, answering questions such as what is mental distress, what is support, our caring values, looking after ourselves and recovery


Faith Jones

30 mins

Faith will be discussing her personal experience of intrusive and frightening thoughts, through the medium of Welsh.

Supporting Grief

Katie Barratt.  

30 mins

Join Katie Barratt from PHW for a talk on what grief is and how we can support someone going through grief.

Supporting Unpaid Carers.

Cathy Boyle.

30 mins.

Join Carers Trust to hear about the wellbeing issues around being an unpaid carer and the support available from both the Carers Trust and CCC.

Fertility Network

Michele Wright

30 mins.

Join Michele Wright from Fertility Network UK to find out what they do, throughout this session she will be discussing “what is normal”, Endometriosis, PCOS, what is infertility and its causes in both men and women, Michele will discuss HIM fertility group (Rhod Gilbert, for men) and what is good for our general health is good for fertility, answering any questions you may have.

Introduction to Fibromyalgia.

Ann Dymock.

30 mins.

An introduction to fibromyalgia, its symptoms, impact on the individual, self-management tips and support available.  This is suitable for people with a diagnosis of the condition or who care for someone with fibromyalgia, or those that want to find out a little more about fibromyalgia as they may be experiencing fatigue, undetermined pain and possibly other symptoms which have no determinate cause.

LGBTQIA+ (Stonewall)

Joanna Murphy

30 mins.

Join Joanna Murphy from Stonewall Cymru to learn more about LGBTQIA+ terminology, identity and mental health stats and signposting.

Time to Change Wales

Stuart Lewis.

30 mins.

This session includes hearing from one of Time to Change Wales’ Champions talking about their own experience with mental health and the importance of helping to reduce mental health stigma.

CarmDAS (Domestic Abuse signposting)

Neassa Cahill


Gilly Dome

30 mins.

Well-being and Trauma Response in Domestic Abuse victims

The session will look at the history and overview of CarmDAS as an organisation before delving in to “what is abuse?” and why it exists, they will cover the types of abuse and what to do if someone discloses to you, or you may need support yourself.

How to Green Your Plate.

Corinne Cariad

30 mins

You've probably heard of clean eating. Have you considered green eating?

It's not another food fad!

Green eating is thinking about the environmental impact of the food on your plate.

Discover Carmarthenshire.

Lowri Jones.

30 mins.

Join Discover Carmarthenshire as they discuss all the amazing activities and campaigns you can get involved in within Carmarthenshire.

Health and Wellbeing Champions

Vivienne Jones.

30 mins.

Join our Champions drop-in session to chat with some of your current Health and Wellbeing Champions about what their role entails and find out how you can become a champion

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