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The Role of a Health & Wellbeing Champion


The main aim of a Health & Wellbeing Champion is to support and encourage staff with their Health & Wellbeing. The Health & Wellbeing Champions will be supported to promote a workplace culture where staff are encouraged to openly discuss, organise and help improve the health & wellbeing of themselves and their colleagues.

If you have any questions regarding the role of The Health & Wellbeing Champion, please contact the Health and Wellbeing Team - Health&Wellbeing@carmarthenshire.gov.uk. 

  • Passionate about increasing awareness of health & wellbeing within the Authority.    
  • High degree of enthusiasm, creativity and organisation.
  • High degree of integrity, for example by recognising the importance of maintaining confidentiality.   
  • Be available, approachable and visible.
  • Be knowledgeable about the support and guidance available to employees of CCC.
  • Organise, promote and attend activities organised by the Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators. 
  • Promoting good health & wellbeing within the Authority.
  • Be non-judgemental and actively listen to colleagues.
  • Knowing when to signpost support and seek further guidance.
  • Demonstrate initiative and creativity to help improve health & wellbeing within the Authority.
  • Feedback any issues, problems and ideas to the Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators.
  • Lead by example by promoting positive work/life boundaries.
  • Create a culture of peer-to-peer motivation and encouragement.
  • Your allocated 1-hour a week Health & Wellbeing Champions role should be incorporated alongside your current working hours. 
  • An understanding of the roles of Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators, Health & Wellbeing Champions and how they both impact the Authority.  
  • Sharing good practice of how to implement health & wellbeing events and activities within your department.   
  • Confidence to step in and support your team.   
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgmental listening. 
  • Knowledge to guide colleagues and signpost them to further support, whether through self-help resources, internal services such as the Wellbeing Support Service.
  • Understand and partake in the 'buddy system' to help guide and support new Health & Wellbeing Champions.
  • To encourage creativity, initiative and wellbeing within your Departments.

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