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Staff FAQS

A letter will be sent to you advising of the date to attend the appointment. An assessment involves a meeting with an occupational health physician or adviser who will provide a report on your fitness to work and advise on the way forward to include recommendations e.g. any reasonable adjustments that may be required etc.

We cannot force you to attend an Occupational Health referral. However, ultimately we will need to make decisions about your absence based on the information available and in the majority of cases; current and accurate medical information can assist in a more informed and better decision being reached about your absence and how it is managed.

If you agree to attend an Occupational Health appointment and fail to attend an alternative appointment may be offered to you. However, persistent failure to attend may result in disciplinary action being taken against you. Occupational Health may also charge your Department as a result of a wasted appointment that could have been used for others.

Only with your informed consent will your report be sent to you, your line manager and the HR Attendance team. All OH staff will at all times maintain strict confidentiality.

The Line Manager or Referring Line Manager , HR Advisor and relevant Senior Officers if and when the final stages of the procedure are likely to be invoked or at the point where an employee may invoke their right to appeal or review.

Management will be responsible for determining the practicality of implementing any suggested adjustments.

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