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Request a referral

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All employees returning to the workplace should complete the individual risk assessment and discuss the outcome with their manager. Should the employee require a referral to Occupational Health following this, please visit the Returning to work / the workplace – the Occupational Health Referral Process on the Guidance for managers and Headteachers' pages for information on what to include in the referral.

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To be referred to Occupational Health you need a management referral.  You will either need to discuss with your manager why you feel you would benefit from an Occupational Health appointment. Sometimes your manager will approach you offering to refer you, we do not accept referrals that have not been discussed with you.

Once you have been referred you will be sent an appointment letter to attend an appointment with the appropriate medical professional. This will take approximately 10 working days. Once you have attended your appointment a report will be written. 

Referral process through your line manager

Occupational Health will need to carry out a medical and transmission risk assessment for employees who have been advised to shield and who are clinically vulnerable to aid in their return to work. Managers are advised to carry out a workplace risk assessment based on the following to reduce risk of transmission in the workplace.

This information would be required to carry out a full medical and transmission risk assessment in Occupational Health (OH). Please provide the following details under the ‘Adjustments’ section of the referral for the OH Practitioner to discuss further with the employee during the consultation.

  1. Nature of work/workplace. community care and support services/social care/public facing/customer service/office-based/education/manual labour
  2. Work organisation:
    1. Ability to maintain social distancing at work >2m (required proximity to work colleagues and service users and pupils)
    2. Number of different people sharing the workplace – is there a rota of employees attending the workplace/number of service users and staff/number of pupils and staff)
  3. Travel to and from work – public transport use or other means which have a lower risk of transmission.
  4. Workplace entry and exit – one-way systems or 2m distance maintained with one person in one person out at a time.
  5. Availability, need for and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  6. Ability to maintain hand hygiene/availability of handwashing facilities or hand gel
  7. Workplace environment cleanliness control – what are the cleaner’s responsibility and what are staff expected to do
  8. Arrangements for toilet facilities and canteen use, set up of break out/lunch areas
  9. Ability to avoid symptomatic people (particular consideration in health and community/social care settings)

The purpose of the above is to facilitate a return to work by assessing fitness based on; vulnerability of risk to Covid-19 for an employee. This is achieved through interpretation of medical details, medication taken, advice from government on shielding and outcomes of workplace, work activities and work environment assessments. 

Occupational Health E-Referral Form (Internal)

Occupational Health E-Referral Form (Chair Of Governors)

Trigger point in sickness policy reached*, concerns for employee’s wellbeing, or employee requesting support. 

* Referral not always necessary. e.g. If 4 minor illnesses occur (ie: cold/cough) a referral would not necessarily be required. Each case should be judged on its own merit. 

Your manager will complete an E-referral form with you or notify you of the contents and the reason for completing a referral. This is then submitted to our Occupational Health Team.

Occupational Health E-Referral Form (Internal)

Occupational Health E-Referral Form (Chair Of Governors)

Note for managers: Is the referral perceived to be work related stress? If so complete an Individual Stress Assessment form (.doc) and upload with your referral or complete any initial actions and then make the referral if appropriate.

Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) will triage your referral and agree on appropriate action, whether this is to be seen by an Occupational Health Advisor / Occupational Health Physician (OHP) / Wellbeing Support Practitioner.

An appointment will be arranged within 10 working days of receiving the referral from your manager. Both and your manager will be notified of this appointment. 

If a referral to the Wellbeing Support Service (WSS) is appropriate you will be given a PHQ & GAD stress assessment form to complete before your initial appointment. 

You will receive appropriate literature relating to your appointment. 

During your appointment, your consent is received and a report will be written and emailed back to your line manager within 5 working days.  Your manager will discuss the report and any recommendations with you.

If you have attended an initial Wellbeing Support appointment, your manager will be notified that you have been accepted to the service and the date of your next appointment. Following this you should then keep your manager informed of future appointments. Your manager will receive a discharge report when you have completed your sessions.

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