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Refusing a Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is about putting in place systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work-related ill health for employees exposed to certain health risks; and acting on the results.

The objectives of health surveillance are to:

  • Protect your health by detecting as early as possible adverse changes which may be caused by exposure to substances hazardous to health;
  • Help evaluate the measures taken to control exposure;
  • Collect, keep up to date and use data and information for determining and evaluating hazards to health.

While we are in work, we all have responsibilities to ensure we undertake our activities safely. Attending your Health Surveillance Appointment is vital to your health and also those you work with.

Refusal to take part in Health Surveillance

If you refuse to undertake Health Surveillance, the requirement should be explained fully to you by your manager as to understand the need for and the benefits of Health Surveillance. 

If you continue to refuse to take part in Health Surveillance when you are at the Occupational Health Department, you will be asked to leave and informed that your manager will be contacted to explain the situation.

The Occupational Health practitioner will notify your manager of your refusal to take part in the program and be informed that they will not be able to provide your manager with a recommendation of your continued capacity to work.

Your manager will be unable to ensure your health and safety at work, and would have the right to suspend you from carrying out the work which gives rise to the risk.

Your reasons for not attending will be considered and the HR Department may be contacted for further advice as disciplinary action may need to be taken.

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