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Who will I see?

If you are referred to Occupational Health, your referral will be triaged and placed with the most appropriate clinician. An appointment will then be made for you with one of our Medical Professionals: 

Medical Team


The Occupational Health Advisor has a wide range of experience, they specialise in sickness absence cases. They look at the issues facing employees to find ways of helping them return to work.  

The Occupational Health Physician are experienced in Occupational Health. They may deal with our more complex cases to ensure clients are fully assessed and supported.

The Wellbeing Support Service practitioners are registered health professionals who have specialist training in providing psychological interventions.

Our Occupational Health Nurses are highly qualified Nurses, they are responsible for completing annual health surveillance, workplace assessments, chair testing and attend health events to carry out various lifestyle screening

Physiotherapists treat patients to restore function and movement to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability.

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