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Your appointment

Occupational Health Aims:

To support the promotion, protection and maintenance of good health, safety and welfare of employees at work

To support employees at work in line with the Sickness Absence Policy.

To provide an environment where employees can discuss issues in confidence and with impartiality, whilst remaining factual and unbiased.

To advise on reasonable adjustments or suitable alternatives in order to facilitate employees return to work.

To encourage employees to self-manage their situation.

How can we help?

Occupational Health can benefit all employees within the Council who feel that they may have a medical problem impacting their working life. This may include the following:-

  • Stress & Mental Health conditions
  • Medical conditions
  • Back or neck problems

What is the process?

If you are referred to Occupational Health you will have an appointment with one of our Medical Professionals who will assess your health condition. They will then provide advice to you, your manager and HR to ensure you are receiving the right support to enable you to return or remain at work.

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