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Helping You Help Yourself

NHS Stress Control Training – Free 6 week course

  • Learn to face your fears
  • Learn ways to help you sleep
  • Learn how to manage your mood
  • Learn how to relax
  • Learn how to control panic
  • Learn how to reduce your stress

To register for a course call: 07816 064644/3, alternatively email: Stress.Control-Registrations@wales.nhs.uk.

Due to the current COVID 19 situation group classes are unavailable at this time. Therefore, you can now access a virtual course, click below for more information:

Virtual Stress Control Training Course  


Personal Resilience can play a key role in how we deal with stressful or difficult situations and will help individuals improve their performance as well as having a positive impact on their health and well being.The module is designed to make you understand and think about your own resilience and how it could be improved upon.

Mental Health in the Workplace

These modules along with many others can be accessed on the Learning Wales.

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