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Breaching the Code

Breaches of this code has consequences. Breaches of this code (inside or outside of work) will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action. Serious breaches of the code may be considered gross misconduct and result in dismissal without notice.

You must participate in any investigations, including those carried out by the Monitoring Officer, who is responsible for reporting any actual or potential breaches of the law or mal-administration to the Council and / or Executive Board.

When working on behalf of the Council you must:

  • Act in the interests of the Council and in accordance with the principles of public life of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership
  • Comply with the Council’s constitution, service requirements, policies and standards, legislation and other professional standards that apply to your role
  • Declare to your line manager any potential or actual conflicts of interest or relationships that may impact on your work, or that of the Council
  • Report any concerns or breaches of this code to your manager
  • Ask your manager if you are unsure what is required of you


Improper or illegal activities

If you are concerned about any activities, which you think may conflict with the Code of Conduct, you should raise the matter with your line manager or Head of Service.

You must report any activity, which you believe is illegal, improper, unethical, dangerous or a breach of policy to your line manager or Head of Service.

The Whistleblowing Policy gives protection to employees, consultants or contractors who raise concerns of this nature that are in the public interest.




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