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Using Council Resources and Information

We are all responsible for the efficient use of the Council resources including financial resources, equipment, and the treatment of information.

The Council is responsible for efficient use of the public resources it controls including financial resources, equipment, and its staff.

You must:

  • Operate within the required accounting standards
  • Comply with health and safety regulations and use personal protective equipment as required
  • Take care of Council property or equipment, keeping it secure and reporting any breakages or breaches of security
  • Use equipment and facilities for authorised purposes only
  • Ensure that the Council’s auditor and external auditors are given access at all reasonable times to premises, personnel, documents, and assets that the auditors consider necessary for the purpose of their work
  • Provide the auditors with any information and explanations that they seek in the course of their work

You must not:

  • Use Council premises, property, vehicles, or other Council facilities unless authorised to do so
  • Do work that is not Council work in Council premises or by using Council equipment or materials, or during the Council’s time


The Council is a publicly funded organisation and as such you must be familiar with the Council’s Financial Regulations.

You must:

  • Use Council funds in a responsible, accountable, and lawful way
  • Comply with the Council’s financial regulations and take legal and financial advice where appropriate
  • Seek value for money. Our Corporate Procurement Team can offer further advice
  • Comply with the policy issued by your Department if your role involves the handling of customer finances
  • Make sure that any sponsorship accepted is related to Council business
  • If you suspect any financial irregularity, corruption, or fraud, contact the Head of Revenues and Financial Compliance
  • Make sure you do not benefit from any contract or sponsorship the Council may receive, or show any favour to a partner, spouse, relative, friend or associate

Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information is essential.

You must:

  • Comply with our policies in relation to information governance ensuring the protection of all data
  • Report any suspected breaches of information security
  • Label and store information documents to allow access to authorised users and restrict unauthorised users
  • Refer any media or press enquiries to the Marketing and Media Team immediately
  • Practice good password management and be aware of phishing emails

You must not:

  • Compromise the security of Council information by sending personal, sensitive or confidential information externally over standard e-mail
  • Disclose your password(s) to anyone
  • Leave your devices unattended
  • Use information or facilities provided by the Council for unauthorised personal use, improper or commercial gain, or for fraudulent or malicious activities

The work you do on behalf of the Council is called intellectual property.

  • You must seek the permission of your line manager or Head of Service before you disclose any design or invention created during your work

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