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Personal Conduct

As a representative of the Council, you are expected to conduct yourself to the highest standards. Our Behavioural Standards in the Workplace Guidance set out what is expected of employees in terms of acceptable behaviour.

You must:

  • Carry out the full requirements of your role aligned to your contract of employment and Council policies
  • Behave politely and reasonably
  • Maintain acceptable standards of appearance and personal hygiene
  • Demonstrate your commitment to valuing equality and diversity
  • Attend work in accordance with the terms of your contract of employment and comply with sickness and other absence policies
  • Wear your ID card whilst representing Council
  • Report any shortfall in the provision of Council services to your line manager
  • Keep relationships with Elected Members, officers, contractors or partners, potential contractors and service users on a professional basis. If you have a personal relationship with any of these groups of individuals you must declare this using our on-line Declaration of Interest form, which can be found on your MyView Account
  • Avoid damage to the Council’s reputation or services
  • Register any financial and non-financial interests with your line manager using our on-line Declaration of Interest form which can be found on your MyView Account

You must not:

  • Engage in any conduct that is harmful to the Council or its interests, or which brings legal action against the Council
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs. Our Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy provides further information
  • Misuse your official position or information obtained in the course of your work for personal interest or the interest of others


Leaving the Council

After leaving the Council:

  • You must return all property, information and materials acquired during your employment including your ID card and all IT equipment
  • You must not disclose any personal data relating to others or exempt / confidential information that you have acquired in the course of our work at the Council

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