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Complaints and compliments

Complaints and compliments from members of the public are an invaluable source of feedback about the services we provide. They are a positive means of promoting customer satisfaction and a way of identifying opportunities to improve service delivery. They help us to learn about our customers’ needs and expectations.

A complaint is:

  • an expression of dissatisfaction or concern
  • about a public service provider’s action or lack of action
  • or about the standard of service provided
  • which requires a response
  • whether about the public service provider itself, a person acting on its behalf, or a public service provider partnership

A complaint is not:

  • an initial request for a service, such as reporting a faulty street light
  • an appeal against a properly made decision by a public body
  • a means to seek change to legislation or a properly made policy decision
  • a means for lobbying groups/organisations to seek to promote a cause

Compliments are expressions of satisfaction, where we have exceeded expectations.

Complaints can be received in any part of the Council and our customers might raise issues without actually using the word ‘complaint’.

Complaints must be forwarded to the Complaints Team as soon as possible after they are received and without undue delay.

If you receive a complaint, or a compliment, or need any advice please contact the Complaints and Compliments Team on 01267 224630/224631 or by e-mailing:

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