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Awarding and Managing Contracts

Where your role involves procuring, managing, or using Council contracts:

  • You must comply with the procurement rules and financial regulations on the award of orders and contracts.
  • You must not discriminate against any part of the local community in the tendering and contracting process.



You must not:

  • Corruptly receive or give any gift, loan, fee, reward, or advantage for doing, or not doing anything or showing favour, or disfavour, to any person in your official capacity. This is a serious criminal offence.

In addition, Section 2 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1916 states that where it is proved that anyone holding or seeking a contract with a public body has made a payment to an employee of that body, the payment shall be deemed to be corrupt unless the contrary is proved.

Allegations of this nature will be investigated/dealt with in accordance with the Council’s disciplinary procedure.

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