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Managing Others and Secondary Employment

As a manager, your leadership skills are key elements of your role.

You must:

  • Maintain an environment of respect, recognition, and support and to induct all new employees to their role
  • Make appointments only based on merit and capability to carry out the role
  • Make sure decisions relating to discipline, promotion and pay are objectively justified
  • Identify and assess all risks and ensure they are managed appropriately
  • Ensure business continuity arrangements are in place to enable continued delivery of services
  • Exercise a duty of care to employees and customers, ensuring health and safety requirements are met

You must not:

  • Be involved in a selection process or interview if you are related to an applicant or in a personal relationship with them or a member of their immediate family


Secondary employment

Secondary employment means any paid or unpaid work, including voluntary work, undertaken in addition to your work at the Council.

You must:

  • Discuss any proposed paid or unpaid work with your line manager before accepting and record such work using our on-line Declaration of Interest form
  • Ensure the work does not conflict with your role and interests of the Council
  • Comply with Working Time Regulations, which govern the total number of hours you can safely work

You must not:

  • Carry out your secondary employment during Council time
  • Use Council resources or information to undertake your secondary employment

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