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Language Skills and Recruitment

The Standards apply to our workforce in terms of language skills, learning and development opportunities and recruitment. We approved a Welsh Language Skills Strategy on the 13th January 2016 that will support the delivery of the Standards whilst ensuring the right skills and development opportunities are made available to deliver excellent customer service. All employees will be asked to complete a survey which will provide data on the Welsh and English language skills across the Council and will be used to help to inform language development opportunities.

We have adopted a Language Skills Framework that sets out the level of skill that you may be able to identify with, aspire to, or that may be a requirement of a job.

Guidelines have been developed to assist managers with the language skills considerations they must take into account when reviewing a new or vacant post for recruitment and for the purposes of workforce planning.

Every job will over time need to be assessed and all jobs from the 1st April 2016 will be advertised at Level 1 or higher according to the requirements of the job. Level 1 on the new framework corresponds to basic language courtesy which means being able to pronounce people and place names appropriately. Successful applicants will need to be able to reach that level or commit to reaching that level through training after starting the job.

What do I need to do if I am recruiting?

  • Review existing or develop a new bilingual job description/person specification with reference to the Language Skills Framework and guidance notes by completing the new template.
  • Complete and record the Welsh Language Skills Assessment for the job (this is a requirement of the Welsh Language Standards and must be retained as part of the recruitment process).
  • Ensure you have authority to recruit (Delegated Officers Report / CMT/Director consent) and submit the required details for advertising selecting the relevant text for language skills.
  • Make arrangements to assess language skills as part of the selection process. Further guidance on this will be available from Corporate Policy and People Management.
  • Seek advice from People Management if making a conditional offer of appointment on the basis that the successful applicant agrees to achieve the required language level within a prescribed period. The individual will need to be offered the appropriate learning and development programme to support them in attaining the required level.

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