Signs, leaflets, forms etc.

Page updated: 20/04/2023

Signs, leaflets, forms etc.

The Welsh language is the key to the identity of many of our residents.

It’s important to keep in mind that we want to encourage people to use Welsh documentation as much possible. Often, an individual will want to refer to a Welsh version but will ultimately fill in the English version, so bilingual versions are always better than separately published Welsh and English documents.

Any materials displayed by the Council must be bilingual, displayed at the same time, and to the same standard in both languages.

These are materials that always need to be published bilingually:

  • Publicity
  • Licenses and certificates
  • Information to the public, e.g. brochures, leaflets, pamphlets
  • Signs
  • Newsletters
  • Official Notices

Graphic Design

All the above design work should go through our graphic design team, e-mail:

Print Services

We are part of an all-Wales print tender framework. For print quotations please complete our online form or e-mail:

Official Notices

E-mail: to place all publicity and press notices.

Press releases

Contact the marketing and media team for all press releases.

Other documents

The documents below also need to be bilingual if they are available to the public:

  • Policies
  • Strategies
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Plans
  • Guidelines and codes of practice
  • Rules
  • Forms

Note: If what you want to publish is not in the lists above, but that the subject of the document suggests that it would be required to be produced bilingually, or if the audience in question is likely to expect to see the document bilingually, it will need to be produced bilingually.

Important things to remember when designing and publishing the above:

  • You need to ensure that the Welsh text on bilingual materials is not treated less favourably than the English in terms of accuracy and format,
  • You need to ensure that the Welsh language is in the position that is likely to be read first (e.g. on a sign or official notification). This is also true when stapling letters or forms together to be placed in an envelope. Ensure that the Welsh version is placed on top,
  • It is always better to publish bilingual materials on the same document, back to back or side by side,
  • If it is not possible to design the two languages on the same document, you can design them separately but you need to ensure that the standard and format is the same in both languages,
  • If you are designing them separately you need to ensure:
    1. that you indicate on the English document that the document is also available in Welsh,
    2. that deadlines etc. must be the same on both sheets,
    3. that the Welsh version is as readily available as the English version,
  • A copy of the brand guidelines is available from the graphics team in the marketing and media department.

For forms only:

If you are sending a Welsh version of a form out with some pre-filled information on it, you need to ensure that the information is also in Welsh. You can only send English only forms out to the public if you know that they do not want a Welsh version. In order to establish an individual’s language choice you should include a question like this one on your initial correspondence/form:  

bilingual forms

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