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At times of change the life of a person living with dementia and their routine will be interrupted to a degree but keeping as many things in place as possible is essential.

They may be anxious that they haven’t been out to their usual activities or seen people they would usually see and they may be confused and disorientated.

At this time, please take a few minutes to reassure them (keeping to a safe distance). It is also important to try allowing some of the time you’re supporting them to exchange some small meaningful moments - ideas for which can be found here

Where individuals are receiving social care support their regular carers may not be available to support them all the time. If you are supporting someone living with dementia for the first time below are some videos to help you make the right approaches.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has a free e-learning module you can access. You will need to scroll down the page to the "Start Studying now" section to register on this course.

If the person you are supporting is confused and you have concerns it is IMPORTANT that you report these to the supervisor, team leader or the volunteer link who you are working under.

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