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Effective Communication

A key ingredient for motivation and engagement is COMMUNICATION.

Both formal and informal. 

It is a basic human need to feel included and we are naturally motivated when we know what we are supposed to be doing, how well we are performing and are given the trust to make decisions within our role

3 key ingredients for motivated, productive staff

  • Clarity on responsibilities and objectives
  • Feedback on performance – positive and well as negative!
  • Coaching conversations that demonstrate trust and empower development

These 3 practices will make us feel included, motivated, productive, and empowered to make decisions. 

Our relationships will improve and those ‘difficult’ conversations will naturally become ‘less difficult’ as meaningful conversations become easy and regular occurrences.

These good practices become even more important when we are working remotely. Feeling included and trusted is vital to keep our teams together and engaged

Join me for 3 bitesize sessions that will provide you with easy techniques to ensure your teams are given the foundation of meaningful communication.

Bitesize - Assertiveness

This programme is designed to explain what assertive behavior looks like, and provides the benefits to us as individuals of behaving assertively.

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Bitesize - Coaching Conversation Skills

Anyone who wants to learn how to use a coaching style conversation. 

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Bitesize - Providing Feedback

Anyone who wants to learn how to provide clear feedback both negative and positive.

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Bitesize - Setting Relevant Objectives

Managers who want to understand the benefits of providing clarity of roles and responsibilities.

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Bitesize - Time (Priority) Management

This session has been designed to support anyone who values their time and wants to learn how to get it all done!

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Bitesize - Trust

TRUST is something that we all as team members need to play a part in if we want to work in a trusting team. Therefore, this programme is for us all!

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