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Unpaid leave

Unpaid leave is time off from work which is provided without pay. When you take unpaid leave you will retain your position in the Authority, and retain benefits, but you will not receive salary. Unpaid Leave can be requested for a number of reasons including for example:

  • To care for a child/relative
  • Taking time out to learn a new skill
  • To go travelling

You can request unpaid leave for any period of time up to 12 months.

Is unpaid leave appropriate?

In some circumstances unpaid leave may not be the most appropriate arrangement and in such instances alternative arrangements more appropriate to your case may be agreed between you and your line manager. Alternative arrangements could include leave in accordance with the Authority’s policies for Maternity Leave, Adoption/Surrogacy Leave, Paternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave, Parental Leave, Compassionate, Career Break or Flexible Working. The suitability of any of the above arrangements should be considered as a possible alternative where appropriate. If there is any doubt as to the most appropriate policy framework then advice can be sought from the HR Department.

Discussing the period of unpaid leave

Whatever the reasons for requesting the unpaid leave, you will need to discuss with your line manager. All requests will be assessed on an individual basis and your line manager can refuse to grant a request for unpaid leave, on any number of grounds, for example, if it does not suit the service.

All leave must be approved by the appropriate manager prior to you taking the time-off. In the case of leave required for emergency purposes, it is your responsibility to discuss your leave requirements with your line manager or HR at the earliest opportunity.

How to request a period of unpaid leave?

To take unpaid leave you must apply ahead of time in one of two ways:

Pension implications

Unpaid leave is not counted as pensionable service.  Members of the Local Government Pension Scheme can elect to pay contributions during a period of unpaid leave.

As a member of the LGPS you are able to reinstate any ‘lost pension’ arising from a period of unpaid leave by paying additional contributions under an Additional Pension Contribution (APC) arrangement on your return to work.  If you elect to do so within 30 days of your return to work, the repayment will be split between you and the Authority (1/3 to the member and 2/3 to the Employer). As your employer we are obliged to meet two thirds of the cost for period of absence up to 36 months. However, if your election is made outside this 30 day period, the entire cost of reinstating your lost pension will be payable by you.

If you wish to reinstate the lost pension during your period of unpaid leave you will need to complete an online form via the Dyfed Pension Fund website. Before accessing the website you will need to have to hand the lost pensionable pay for your period of unpaid leave (you will be able to find this information on your payslip) and the date you returned to work.

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