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Eye tests

If you use display screen equipment as part of your job (daily/for periods of an hour or more) please complete a Display Screen Equipment Self Assessment before being invited to undertake an initial eyesight test. This will be followed by periodic tests at intervals recommended by your optometrist.  An eyesight test will also be provided if you are experiencing eyesight difficulties which may reasonably be considered to be related to the display screen work.

We will meet the agreed cost of a sight test provided that prior approval has been obtained from an authorising officer within your department.

If as a result of the sight test, it is found that glasses are needed specifically for use at display screen equipment we will contribute towards their purchase.  This contribution will be sufficient to enable you to obtain a standard frame and lenses or can be put towards the purchase of a more expensive type of your choosing. Evidence of actual purchase must be produced.

Payments for corrective appliances, where appropriate, are restricted to £40 for single vision lenses and £60 for bifocals.

You will be personally responsible for the safekeeping of glasses.  These are provided in accordance with a statutory requirement and in the interest of Health and Safety and you are expected to show a reasonable degree of care for your glasses.

If there is a change in your prescription, we will bear the cost of replacement subject to the points above. If you have difficulty with the initial outlay for sight tests or glasses please discuss this with your line manager.

How to claim the cost for an eye test/glasses 

  • Check that you satisfy the criteria as a display screen user (see below) before completing the form.
  • Payments for corrective appliances, where appropriate, are restricted to £40 for single vision lenses and £60 for bifocals.
  • Ensure you obtain a receipt for your eye test/glasses and provide this to your line manager in your form.
  • Return your completed form to your line manager, who will make the decision of processing payment/s.

(A re-test and reimbursement can be undertaken every 2 years, unless alternative timescales are provided by the optometrist)

Handy tip: You can scan or take a photo of the optician’s receipt from your mobile phone and email it to your Line Manager!

Managers: How to process payments for eye test / glasses

    • Claimants full name,
    • Employee Number,
    • Department
    • Amount to be reimbursed
    • Receipt from your opticians

(NOTE: This form should be kept locally on record by your Line Manager unless stated by the optometrist.)

Criteria: Display Screen user

(Extract from the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.  Guidance on Regulations)

It will generally be appropriate to classify an employee as a DSE user if most or all of the following criteria apply:

  • the individual depends on the use of display screen equipment to do the job, as alternative means are not readily available for achieving the same results.
  • the individual has no discretion as to the use or non-use of the display screen equipment
  • the individual needs significant training and / or particular skills in the use of display screen equipment to do the job
  • the individual normally uses display screen equipment for continuous spells of an hour or more at a time
  • the individual uses display screen equipment in this way more or less daily
  • fast transfer of information between the user and the screen is an important requirement of the job
  • concentration by the user for example, where the consequences of error may be critical.

Any queries as to whether an individual qualifies as a display screen user should be addressed to the Human Resources Section.

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