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Self Service Password Reset

If you’ve forgotten your Windows password, need to change it, or unlock your account, you can do all this through Microsoft SSPR (Self Service Password Reset).

What is Microsoft SSPR?

Microsoft SSPR is a new password management solution that has replaced our previous "Password Station" software.

We encourage you to register for Microsoft SSPR as soon as possible, registration for SSPR is combined with our Multi Factor Authentication registration, so by signing up for one, you are automatically enrolled in the other.

Important: If you are not registered with SSPR and you need to reset your password, you will have to contact the IT Helpdesk to verify your details as a security measure before your password is reset. Register for SSPR/MFA today in order to be able to manage your password via self-service.

Register today for MFA / SSPR

How do I access Microsoft SSPR?

Once you have registered, if you ever need to reset, unlock or change your password you can do so via the following two methods.

1. Via the “Reset Password” link underneath the password field on the Windows 10 logon screen.

2. By visiting https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com from a web browser on any corporate device.

Manage your Password

Tips on creating a strong password

Practice good password management. Use a strong mix of characters, numbers and specials e.g. $!%&. Don’t base passwords on personal information and don’t use the same password for multiple sites. The recommended minimum length for passwords is 9 characters, and passphrases should be used rather than passwords. A passphrase could be something such as ‘I like to drink green tea’, rather than having a password of ‘green tea’.

Why go to such extreme lengths? Hacking software, which is easily accessible on the internet, can be downloaded and run on a standard desktop computer to guess or ‘crack’ passwords (you don’t need a super computer!). It does this by running through a sequence of characters until it finds the correct one. A password based on a common dictionary word of 8 characters would take less than 12 hours to crack. A passphrase containing 6 words would take over 100 years to crack!

Oh, and passwords should never, ever be written down or shared with anyone. Keep them secret!

Page updated: 31/03/2022 10:55:03