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Meeting Etiquette Guidance

Keep Meetings to Audio Only if possible

Turning off your video (where appropriate) will reduce the impact on the network so please only screen share when necessary.

Be Prompt

While most of us are working from home, you should be able to join your meetings quickly without the delay of running from one meeting room to the next.  Try joining the meeting before it even begins so you are ready.

Mute your Microphone

If you are not speaking, please mute your microphone.


If you are the chair of the meeting, and asking someone to respond, please be patient and give the attendees a moment to respond.  Keep in mind they may be on mute (see point 3) or there may be a delay in their connection.

Introduce Yourself

It is advisable, to introduce yourself before speaking.  People may know how you sound in person, but you may sound different on a virtual call.  Something simple like: "Andrew here!" would suffice.

Roles and Responsibilities

Decide who will be the official chair before the meeting.  Once nominated, the Chair will either need to nominate someone to monitor questions raised in the chat feed or to inform the Chair when a participant would like to speak.  The Chair will also be responsible for working through the agenda which can be shared either during the meeting using screenshare or a shared OneNote to enable co-authoring.

Raise Your Hand

During a meeting, you can raise a virtual hand to let people know you want to contribute without interrupting the conversation.  Simply click on the hand icon (this feature is not fully rolled out, so may not be available for you yet, but will be soon).

Meeting presenters will then receive a notification that your hand is raised, and they can lower your hand once you have had a chance to talk.  When multiple people raise their hands, they will be listed in the order in which they raised them.

To see who has raised their hand, select ‘show participants’ to see a list of everyone in attendance. Anyone who has raised their hand will have an icon next to their name.

Chat Feature

The chat feature can be used during the meeting to help avoid interrupting one another.  Instead, if you would like to ask a question, you can use the chat feed to type something along the lines of ‘can I say something?  The nominate person, or the Chair can then invite you to speak by using the unmute icon before you speak.

Name the Agenda Item being Addressed

If you are the chair, make sure everyone knows where you are on the agenda.  Be very clear that you are moving onto a new item, and what item you are up to.  You can also share the agenda and meeting papers either during the meeting or include a link (or attachment for external attendees) in the meeting invite.

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