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Teams Top Tips!

Use Microsoft Teams to keep everything organised.

Microsoft Teams enables you to keep in contact wherever you are. Access files stored on your OneDrive, have video or voice calls and meetings, or post messages for your whole team or individuals and groups. Microsoft Teams enables working collaboratively easy.

Create your team channel.

Teams Admins can create channels by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the team name and clicking on Add channel.

Learn about teams and channels

Customise the channel.

Teams Admins can add tabs to your channel making your team more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

More about apps in Teams

File collaboration using Teams.

You can attach any files to messages using the paperclip icon under where you type your messages. These then get automatically stored in the Files tab above the channel.

Use Files in Teams

Instant Meetings are easy to set up in Teams.

In the Calendar tab you can click Meet now and then Join now. Add the names or email addresses (if external) of anyone you want to invite. You can share your desktop or individual applications to everyone in the meeting using the Share icon.

Meet now

Pin channels.

If a channel is very important to you, click the 3 dots to the right of it and select Pin. Any channel that you pin will appear at the top.

Accessibility features in Teams.

There are extensive features and keyboard shortcuts available in Teams with more in the pipeline.

View accessibility options for Microsoft Teams

Teams mobile app.

If you have Council smartphone, Teams will already be installed. The app has all the features you need so you can keep in the loop on the go.

Explore the Activity feed in Teams

Nudge a colleague using @

If you want to get a colleague’s attention, when you post a message use the @ symbol and start typing their name. Select their name and the message will get highlighted for them.

Create and format posts

Change a chat to a meeting.

If you want to turn a chat into a video or voice call, the icons at the top right of the chat screen can be used to start the call.

Meetings and calling

Help using Teams.

There is an extensive help section built within Teams with topics and training videos. Click on the Help button in the bottom left of Teams.

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