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Hardware FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Please complete a New User Account Request form (which will be sent automatically to the line manager for authorisation) and a New Hardware Request form if they need kit - forms can be found on our self-service portal.

New User Account Request is to create a network and email account.  We will need at least 10 days notice to ensure the accounts are set up and the required hardware is prepared.

If kit is required, please complete the New Hardware form.  IT Services will provide a suitable device at no cost to the department.  If devices are not available within the department.

If the employee moves to a new role within the Authority, they feel their existing kit is suitable, they can take it with them to the new role.

Standard kit that IT will provide at no cost to the department will be a laptop and docking station or PC, 22" screen, wired keyboard, wired mouse and connections/cables.

Additional kit such as MS Teams Headsets, IP Phones, additional monitor will need to be purchased by logging a Purchase Request in our self-service portal.

Any mobile phones will need to be purchased through your Departmental Mobile Representative: http://intranet/our-people/it-support/portable-devices/mobile-phones

During the current Covid restrictions, kit will need to be collected from one of our Drop-in areas (Carmarthen, Llanelli, Ammanford) by the new user or line manager - arranged booking appointments is required with an engineer, conformation email with booking details will be emailed through.



Please log a call through our self-service system to arrange a drop-in appointment with IT to drop off devices.  IT services will arrange to erase the data, update the software and prepare the device ready for another employee to use.

Any mobile phones can be returned to your Departmental Mobile Representative here

There is no need to keep hold of old equipment for future staff, IT Services will provide kit for new starters with no cost to the department.


Customers are required to hand over all un-used or redundant IT equipment that they have in storage.

The reasons are:

  • The Authority gets no value from this hardware if it's unused.
  • The hardware will miss all software and security updates, leading to potential security risk to the Authority.
  • These un-used devices still take up valuable software licences.
  • IT Services needs to retain this hardware, to better manage and sustain the Authorities IT hardware replacement programme.

Standard Hardware supplied and funded by IT Services:

  • Lenovo Laptop (Standard 13")
  • 22" Monitor Screen
  • Docking station
  • Cabled Mouse
  • Cabled Keyboard

Any additional requirements over this standard spec will need to be funded by the department such as higher spec devices, larger screened laptop, additional screens for dual screen, headsets.  Or any additional equipment to work from home.  Equipment such as laptop bag, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or webcams will need to be purchased through your BSU unit.

There is the option of upgrading to a higher specification, it will need to be funded by the department.

If the device is 5 years old, we will replace the device as per the replacement programme.  If the device is less than 5 years old, we would attempt to repair the equipment or provide you with a similar or better device.

IT will evaluate the age of the existing device.  If it falls below the minimum spec outlined, we can replace.  However, if the device does not, there are 2 options:

  • You can wait until it's eligible for replacement under the replacement scheme.
  • Your department can fund the new device, where a cost code will be required from an Authorised Signatory.

IT Services will exchange the device for an appropriate device using refurbished stock defined by your new role.

This includes HRA, Pensions and Libraries.

IT will provide a replacement if the kit is used by a CCC employee and it is due for replacement.  At no cost to the department.  Even if originally purchased by grant funding.


All Library PC's and screens are included within the IT replacement scheme.  However, we are not procuring new PC's, therefore we will replace any failing PC's with an available refurb PC.

Kit for student social workers placements can be sourced through Learning and Development who keep a stock of devices.

Any other student placement please log a call in our self-service portal New Hardware Request (please complete New User Account Request for a login and email address).

A Corporate decision has been made to only procure new laptops as replacements in line with the Agile working, however, in certain cases for example a reception area it may be better to replace with another computer.  Please log a call and we can discuss further with you.

Your department would need to pay for any additional items for example, spare power pack, spare mouse, keyboard, etc.

Please log a Purchase Request in our self-service portal

Equipment such as laptop bag, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or webcams will need to be purchased through your BSU unit.

Your Manager would assess whether there is a benefit from a dual screen setup, then makes the decision.  Your department would have to fund the additional screen and the dual dock if needed.

We can assist in assessing what you would need, such as if the existing dock can support dual screens.  Also advise what cables are required.

Standard for all customers is 22" screens.  If the existing one is below 22" then IT will replace at no cost to the department (subject to stock availability).

If you require a larger than 22" screen, then a cost code will be required form an Authorised Signatory.

CCC employees should only have one device to work.  There should be no reason to have a desktop PC and a laptop to work.  Inline with the Agile working, the PC would need to be returned to IT.  If the fault is on the laptop we will replace or repair as required.

If the item is under warranty, IT will log a call with the manufacturer to get the item replaced under warranty.  If the item is out of warranty, your department will have to fund replacement of non-standard items.


For any lost items, your department would have to purchase the replacement by logging a purchase request on our self-service portal.

Kit should be handed back to IT if nobody is covering for maternity leave.  If a temporary member of staff has been allocated to cover, then that kit can be used by that person.  Or if kit is handed back a replacement will be given when returning from Maternity leave.

Currently, CCC IT support the hardware.  New User form will need to completed for partners accounts to be created for NHS staff.

Please log a call in self-service to report lost mobile phones so that we can cancel the contract.  For damaged mobile phone you are able to take to any independent repairer or purchase a new mobile phone through your Departmental Mobile Representative.

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