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Print and Scan

The Konica Minolta managed print system has now been running for over 12 months. The placement of printers across the estate coupled with the ability to securely print to any device will certainly support agile working methods. In the last 12 months we have reduced our printing from 18 million sheets of paper to just over 9 million in the last year. However, to improve things further we all need to get into good habits by printing less, scanning rather than keeping paper copies and recycling regularly. We can work to reduce the figure of 9 million sheets of paper further.

Frequently asked questions

When you print a document, select the print option on your computer, as normal. However, instead of collecting your printout from a named printer, you will now be able to go to any of the printers on the network to get it. This may be a printer close to you, or you may choose to collect your printout at any other printer.

Once you have chosen when and where you wish to retrieve your printout, simply swipe your ID card through the card reader on the printer, this will ‘log’ you on and present features such as print, copy, scan/fax on the display. By selecting Print, you can choose to, print all, print selected documents or delete unwanted printouts.

Yes, you are able to pick up printouts at any CCC printer.

During the second phase of the project it will be possible for print jobs to be automatically directed to print rooms where better economies of scale will be achieved. You will be notified via a pop up message when printing where to collect the printouts.

The system is secure. Your printed documents aren’t left waiting at the printer for anyone to view. You print the documents under your control, whilst you are at the printer. Printouts will only be released when you are standing at the printer and you have swiped your ID card or entered your username and password. If you send the job to print and forget to collect it, it will not be printed and the task will be deleted securely overnight.

Yes, software can be installed on a managers PC that allows them to choose a trusted person to collect their printouts for them. That person will be required to swipe their own card to collect the printout. The software is deployed to all Heads of Service and above by default. Requests by other managers will also be accommodated. This can be requested via the IT Service desk.

Simply walk to the nearest available printer and swipe your ID card to get the printout.

You can manually enter your normal username and password on the touchpad on the printer.

You print in exactly the same way. The system is capable of producing billing information about your usage that can be used to support grant claims and evidence expenditure.

If you have special print requirements, you will retain existing arrangements and have the ability to send ‘normal’ print jobs to the Konica printers.

Business Units are charged for lease & usage costs on a per copy basis (Black and White @ £0.0019 and Colour @ £0.0190).

When toner is low, our printers will notify Konica automatically and new toner will be delivered to your site location under your Print Champions name.

There is no need to contact the IT Service Desk to order toner or waste toner boxes.

Printer Drum, Imaging Unit & Staples

If you need a replacement printer drum or imaging unit this will need to be ordered through the IT Helpdesk (only toner and waste toner bottles are automatic).

Recycling Empty toner / Waste Bins

When you have empty toner or waste bins you can then contact Sue Clarke, EOS Solutions South Ltd on 01306 631 070 or e-mail info@eossolutionsltd.com.

They will send you a flat packed box, fill the box with the empty toner and then contact them when you require the box to be collected by a courier (full details will be given on the box).

It is up to you if you prefer to have a permanent box in your section and then ring when full, or if you want to keep empty toners and ring when you need a box, this is up to you and your office.

The printers use is monitored and logged. They will be increased/reduced as the business need requires.

If you experience any particular technical difficulties with a printer, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk. Please also provide us with the printer equipment number (this is printed on a label on the front of the printer).

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